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Giving you perfectly manicured nails without using ANY artificial products! This series of files, when used in succession, use your body’s own oils and minerals in order to bring a stunning finish to your nails. What’s best… unlike nails which have been artificially manicured, once you have used the Gaynor Wilkinson Nail Care Kit, you can put your hands in water, do the gardening, do household chores – whatever you want! The effects will not chip or wear off because of it. Once the Nail Care Kit has been used, you simply need to ‘top up’ whenever you like.

The Natural Nail Care kit has been demonstrated /exhibited extensively throughout the UK, Europe and the Far East since 1991. Some of the many exhibitions at which it has been featured, include the BBC Clothes Show Live/NEC , the Ideal Homes Show/Earls Court and Europe, Health/Beauty shows, Royal Agricultural shows, BBC Travel Show, Nursing shows, Wembley/Olympia Horse shows and the BBC Gardening show.

Product Details:

File 1: The LifeTime Crystal Pink Stone
Nail File. Filing in a back and forth motion will leave the nail smooth without frayed edges. This will protect and help the nail from peeling, splitting or cracking.

File 2: The dark grey coarse pad will remove ridges and stains from the nail surface. Use firm back and forward strokes (15 seconds) to clean the surface thoroughly. For the health of your nails do not use this pad more than once every 2/3 months.

File 3: The white medium pad helps to stimulate nail circulation and growth. Use firm back and forward strokes (10 seconds). For the health of your nails do not use this pad more than twice a month.

Finally… File 4: The light grey fine pad seals and shines the nail naturally. Use firm back and forward strokes to bring out the natural shine of your nail. This pad can be used as often as you like.
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